Bring back life to your social life
Effortless way to meet your kind of people locally
Our way of reviving social contact
Our goal is for you to go out and enjoy life with people who share same interests as you.
Instead of random meetups we are hoping you will make deeper connections and have a more enjoyable social life.
Pick a hi
There is always someone who has the same interest as you, but you just didn't have the chance to meet yet!
Say hi
Take your time to find out more about the person and the activity before meeting up.
Go out and have fun doing activities with people who share your interests.
Why ohhi?
We want to make social interactions as enjoyable as possible for you and the people you meet
Meet new people, make plans and chat - all in one place
No need to wait! Create a hi and enjoy meeting new people
Easy going
No need to get confused - ohhi is simple and intuitive
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